Actually Taking Ginseng (Reviews that Matter)

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A Continuation of the Reviews as left on Tough Pill’s Post. Link at bottom.

Wealth of Practical Information on Ginseng – Yet Lack of Usage Reviews

Researching information on Ginseng is pretty easy. The internet is a pirates bounty of great and easy to read data. Mostly from natural health practitioners or bloggers, and also some cool details from ginseng farmers themselves.

Though, through all of the tests, and all of the reports, one crucial aspect is suspicious in it’s absence. Personal reviews or patient reviews of the actual application and ingestion of ginseng are very few and far between.

We thought we’d remedy this by asking a few known users what their take is on this ‘magic root’.

Here’s what we had to learn about ginseng from first hand accounts

Senior Male with Erectile Dysfunction – Ginseng Review #3

I am 66 years old and recently I started being affected by erectile dysfunction. This was not a good situation as my wife is significantly younger than I am. At first it was a surprise and we thought it would go away but it kept coming back and I had difficulty maintaining an erection. This was so embarrassing and to add insult to injury, it started to affect our relationship.

I had to figure out something as I needed to keep her happy in that department. I tried changing my diet, I tried other medication and nothing effectively worked. I did not want to keep popping the blue pill as this could become addictive. I needed something natural as a fix so I could feel good all the time when taking it.

I did some reading online and found Uncle John’s Ginseng capsules and found out that Ginseng was effective in treating ED. I ordered my first pack immediately and haven’t looked back since. (Here’s a direct link for Uncle John’s Ginseng Capsules: )

I have been taking one a day and boy does this help me in my sex life. Its back! I can actually get back in the sack with no difficulties and no complaints. I also feel revitalized and young again. My sex life has been ramped up and I feel 20 again at 66!

I have no complaints here and I will keep taking these pills. I cannot live without them, fully endorsed by me!

Ginseng capsules

45 Year Old Never Felt so Good as with Ginseng – Review #4

Being 45 never felt so good! I have been taking Ginseng now daily for a year and I find that I am more focused at any task I am doing. I would usually get a low feeling during the day but since I started taking Ginseng I feel happier and I am able to concentrate better.

Overall I get a better feeling of well-being and a balanced energy level so I do not get tired easily and look forward to my days. At one point during the year, it helped me to fight fatigue. I felt stronger after my intake and it helped me to fight the flu bug faster and get back on my feet.

So I would say take Ginseng as a supplement as you will not regret it. It does wonders for me.

Ginseng leaves

Just Like Medicine…

Just like the modern science of medicine takes a long time to mature and see the light, so too it is for ginseng. With it’s four to five year long growth cycle, you can imagine just how long it will take western medicine to adapt – and accept this natural and miraculous plant for what it is. An astonishing gift from nature.

Bonus Ginseng Hot Drink Recipe

For this author, I like to prepare a nightly tea with a combination of:

  • Mug of boiling filtered water (get rid of chlorine/fluoride!)
  • 1 Table spoon of coconut oil. (virgin, unrefined, organic)
  • 3 dashes of ground ginger (organic)
  • 2 dashes of cinnamon (organic)
  • 1 dash of turmeric (organic)
  • 2 dashes of ginseng (organic finely ground powder)
  • Add honey to suit your taste, generally start at half a teaspoon… small!
  • Throw in a bag of your favorite green tea and you’re all set


This wholesome natural drink is amazing for the control of inflammation and blood sugars while you sleep. Plus, if you hit the exact combo to suit your body, you can feel like you awoke from a 10 year long nap.

Link to the original Tough Pill Reviews here: