Keeping it Fresh – Quick & Easy Blog Writing Tips

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It is so bloody hard to keep the Cloud Service blog up to date. Have you ever struggled to keep current? What’s your solution? What’s your motivation?

When I get stuck in the dirt, the primary shovel tactic is to just PICK A TOPIC. It may sound like a ‘duh’ statement, but truthfully, picking a blog topic can be worthy of a blog post itself (self aware ironic statement).

Pick a Topic

You must have a general direction in mind – If it’s too broad, just do a Google search and see what’s listed as a related search. These suggestions can often lead you to find a specific search of people exactly like you. This is often a result of ‘semantic relative search’. It’s a way to tie different searches together and determine what is relevant.

Figure out the Grade 10 English W,W,W,W,W?

Who, Where, What, When, Why?

If you think back to grade 10 English Class, you might remember that the key to any good paragraph is to be sure to touch on these questions. It will help to round out the passage, and in doing so make your writing more complete.

For the purposes of a blog post, you could transform each mandatory question into it’s own paragraph. Stretching the answers out with varying perspective or opinion will allow you to fill out your story pretty darn quickly.

Write about who you’re trying to help, why you’re trying to help them. As well as touch on timelines, and what specifically you’ll do – or is done – to help in whatever situation is being described.

Include Some Content Value Items

There’s various styles of text/media that can help to create a more compelling read, see these:

  • Bullet point lists (ha!)
  • Pictures with proper tagging
  • Videos if possible (Youtube embeds are pretty snappy)
  • Proper Headings (H1, H2, etc)
  • Links to and fro (to related content for an expanded understanding)

Writing Never so Easy – Never so Hard

I’ve noticed that as it gets easier to write for the internet, it gets so much harder. You have the capacity to say anything, to anyone. But – At the same time there is this overwhelming feeling that everything has been said – twice.

For instance, even the advice I’ve spelled out here has surely been paraphrased in a hundred different posts. Each one with it’s own style and positioning/framing of the supplied information.

Talk to One Person

Probably the most beneficial tip I’ve absorbed over the course of the year… Write as if you’re talking to ONE PERSON. Not a group, or entire market segment – Just ONE PERSON.

If you are able to envision the perfect prospect for your blog/story, then you will be better equipped to leap over any mental stumbling blocks along the way. Picture the person, and weave your story around them.

Work towards a compelling dialogue as if you’re communicating with the exact person who’s problem you’re solving, or offering to discuss a resolution.

A Blog for Blog’s Sake

That’s what we’re about here. And the thoughts will come from many different angles. It IS partially intentional, so don’t be discouraged. You’ll find a few different voices posting to the world. This happens because sometimes, to talk to the ‘specific’ person we need, sometimes it takes a different voice, and we @ Cloud Service can deliver that voice.