Wedding Jewelry and Lab Grown Diamonds

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Reviews and brief description of Katz Jewelry Company

The Katz Jewelry Company was established in 1963 in New York City by a married couple, Rose and David Katz. They have started from selling jewelry to some friends and then their friends made them popular since the jewelry they were selling was with great quality. Suddenly business started to develop and a lot of costumers were knocking on the door of their house and asking for homemade jewelry.

The success of the business was pretty huge at the time and now the company has expanded and includes the businesses of their son, daughter and their son-in-law.

Their son-in-law has a certification of gem identification, colored stone grading, and diamond grading and colored stones. Their daughter has a degree in jewelry design and antique jewelry design. All this shows that the company is ruled by certified people who manage the business and achieve success.

What do they do?

  • The Katz Jewelry Company offers 50 years of experience in the jewelry business, a great expertise in that field.
  • They provide any type of jewelry including antique diamond pendants, golden necklace, unique wedding bands, classical engagement ring and lot more. The company also creates custom jewelry, by your own need.
  • The custom diamonds are among the most famous jewelry that this company offers and can be like a decoration on a necklace, ring or bracelet, activate your imagination.
  • The prices of the jewelry are accessible to everyone, so you can find the perfect piece for yourself.
  • The best service will be provided to you if you use the services of this prestigious company.
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What are the services of the company?

  • Jewelry repair, gems grown in a lab, purchase of gold, diamonds and estates, remodeling of diamonds and colored stones, gem identification, appraisals, custom jewelry designs.

Review 1

  • This review is from a former employee working in the sales sector. The person says that they enjoyed the diversity in the work and the mixture of personalities at the work place. The hours spent in the work place were great and everyone was feeling as a part of one big family.
  • Everything at the company was organized and the person enjoyed in the operations and the organization of the work, since everything was clear on what to complete and the daily tasks were easy to finish.
  • The owner of the company was talkative and was asking all of the employees about their tasks and difficulties in performing the tasks at the work place. The employees could often hear “Thank you” and “Have a great day” from their owner and that made them to enjoy in the work.
  • The person says that the company is great and that every day is enjoyable to be working. It also says that the manager is the type of manager every employee would want.

Review 2

  • The 2nd review is also from a former employee that worked in the sales sector and gives some statements about the company where the people were enjoying in their work.
  • The person says that the coworkers were the best part of each work day. Everyone was treating everyone with a lot of respect.
  • If there was some difficult customer at work there was always someone helping to the other providing the services.
  • The owner of the company was always there to provide help and solve the issues in the work place.
  • The person of this review says that met a lot of excellent people and that loved spending time with them.
  • Also met a lot of top designers that were working for the company.

Review 3

  • This is a review from a jewelry consultant in the sales associate sector. The review was made last year where the person says that enjoys the work in the company.
  • The person was one of the two consultants in the jewelry production and was involved in the high end jewelry production and selling.
  • The favorite part was the work with the coworkers where everyone was very fun and great. A lot of the experience gained there was mainly from the working atmosphere with the coworkers.
  • The person could hear a lot of opinions on what is good and what is bad and was able to see the things from different perspective.
  • The job of the consultant was to help the clients to choose the specific jewelry they needed for some occasion or some matching of an outfit, since the company also had a boutique where the customers could match their clothing.
  • The consultant says that was enjoying in the job.

You can see and review Katz Jewelry Co yourself on their website. See here.

From all this we can say that the employees in the company are very satisfied with the way the company is managed. The working atmosphere is excellent and the people working there often have fun while working.

Since the diamonds created in a lab is another service that is provided from the company, the clients can choose the type of diamond, the size, color and shape.