Personal Trainer Life Saver (Newmarket Ontario)

I’m going to get real personal in this post. It isn’t easy talking about weakness, defeat, anxiety and failure. It is even harder facing it… Until I became determined to work on my fitness and health and I started working with my new local personal trainer.


I’ll be in the corner.

Let’s go way back to where I am pretty sure, my hate for training started. Grade 6, junior high co-ed in Newmarket, Ontario…

It was the first big leap out of elementary school and we were all dipping our toes into maturity. We now had to use locker rooms to change clothes for gym, showers and actual gym clothes. Long gone were the days of dodgeball in my denim. I’m sure this change was taken well from the majority of the class, the fit, athletic bunch. I was neither.

I realized pretty quickly how out of shape I was. I was sweating, panting and unable to do the warm-ups with the rest of the class. My teacher liked to point out how others were capable and I should be too. Great messages to drill into a hormonal teen.

No credit, no graduation.

When I ventured into high school I had high hopes of bypassing the dreaded physical education with a different art. Turns out… I shouldn’t have had hopes. The only part of having to get this credit was I could choose an all girl class. At least the drool worthy boys wouldn’t be repulsed by my lack of coordination and saturated attire.

What I didn’t realize was the class was a fitness health. Not regular gym… but machines and weights. Ugh. Fitness exams were embarrassing. The other girls watching me attempt a single rep of pushups, giggling. I vowed then and there, I was never going to workout again. Especially around other people. I’ll learn to love my lady lumps.Fitness weights

Heart Healthy Training

Tisk-Tisk Twenties

I wish I could go back in time and give the words of wisdom I’m living in life nowadays.

Hiding on my couch under a blanket, eating crap food, detaching from the real world and leggings was how the majority of my twenties went. I’d see on social media, posts of everyone I graduated with starting their families. Posts of parties, dinner dates… Vacations in bikinis may have been the tip of the iceberg.

One night I got the call from my mom. My dad had a heart attack. He was only in his 50’s…

Hereditary Bliss

After the heart attack my family decided it was time to make a list of all the hereditary predisposed medical conditions we may have. Turns out diabetes, thyroid, cholesterol and heart attacks are uber common. Terrifying

So I went down a depressing black hole of “how to prevent...” searching online.

Workout Daily

I kept trying to find a different solution to all my potential problems. My recent bloodwork showed I needed to change my diet, reduce stress and workout daily.

I could handle the first two, sure, I can learn to therapeutically cook healthy food. Two birds, one stone. But working out… I vowed to never again.

Finding A Trainer

Living in a condo I didn’t have room to store workout equipment. I was adding up the costs for the basic training gear and quickly gave up. I knew my dreaded future involved a gym membership.

List of demands

I searched local Newmarket training facilities such as Blood Sweat Train on Pony Drive, to find one that would be the least terrifying. I had a few expectations that needed to be met.

  • Newmarket area
  • Personal training for beginners
  • Friendly/inviting
  • Free parking
  • Personal trainers
  • Variety of equipment fitness training tape

Show me the Certifications

After finding my top 3 training facilities in Newmarket I moved onto the next phase of judgment… certifications. If I was going to be putting my life in the hands of someone else I needed to know they were highly educated themselves.

  • NSCA CSCS Certified
  • Muscle Activation Technique (MAT) Certified
  • ISSA Certified Corrective Exercise Specialist
  • NESTA Certified Heart Rate Performance Specialist
  • ISSA Certified Nutritionist

Those were some of the top certifications you should be looking for in a training facility.

Meeting My Personal Trainer

The Dreaded First Day had Arrived.

I was nervous, so nervous I was dizzy.

Upon walking through the doors I was greeted pleasantly and completely non threatening. (yes, I was expecting grade 9 gym class snickers) When I booked my free consultation I may have fibbed a bit with my current state. “no, I don’t eat fast food 3-5 times a week… Yes, I exercise 2-3 times a week”

To be fair, I hadn’t had the best experiences with physical activities. So a little fluffing made me feel like I was going in with a security blankey on. And the personal trainer saw right through it.

A Life of Programs

My personal history and my future goals were the main topics. It was such a thorough appointment, I have never felt more heard. Already I am impressed with this place.

I had a tour of the facility. Tons of space, equipment and smiling faces. Everyone was so positive to one another. The environment was so welcoming! I noticed there were so many different sizes of people working out with their trainers. And all on different journeys, some were using restraint bands, others weights.

My favourite section was where there was a small group of older ladies working on their muscle activation. Something I was just briefed on in my orientation.

This facility of personal trainers also has a certified nutritionalist. So I chose to use that trainer in my personal plan.

This was the start of the best days of my life.

My Thoughts? opinions

I’m 32 years old now and I have never felt more like myself. Since starting to use a certified personal trainer I have meaning to my days. Goals to look forward to, and an overall LOVE for health.

The time and dedication I have put into myself has given me the confidence to go out and live. I don’t dread sweating and not meeting a goal, I now see those situations as challenges. An opportunity to prove to myself that I am strong. I thank my personal trainer for building me up mind, body and soul.