Towing Services in Burlington/Oakville Traffic

You CAN drive the same route every day for years and nothing happens. Until it does. Then you need a towing service you can trust in the Burlington & Oakville area.

Every single day, I feel like I am in the groundhog movie. Wake up, eat, yoga, shower, sit in traffic for an hour on the way to work…. repeat.

Some days I try to be fancy and hit the local Whole Foods for a delicious breakfast sandwich. Those are best mornings, lazy days.

Except for this time, I was running extra late and figured I would have to eat my delicious breakfast sandwich on the road…

I knew the next 30 mins was going to be accordion type traffic, a snails pace. It was going to be totally manageable.

3 bites into my delicious, juicy, sausage and egg bliss I get a huge “thud” – Scary enough I had turned my sandwich into a donut. Thank you grip of steel LOLburlington tow truck

Rear-Ended And Hangry

I see car accidents daily driving to and from work. Over the past decade I’m actually surprised I hadn’t been involved in an accident but I still see the local towing company recovering and transporting vehicles every day. It was always someone else… Until today of course.

The car that rear ended me pulled over to the shoulder and I followed. I was in a craze thinking “Did I forget to move with traffic while I was devouring my delectable sandwich?”. But I had quickly accessed the situation. Traffic had stopped.. it wasn’t me who was at fault.

I was dreading getting out and seeing what damage I was dealing with. My SUV was only 2 years old, still plenty of money left to pay it off. Ugh. How much damage could a car really do to it? Turns out… a lot.

That piece of crap car smashed in my hatch and bumper and bent in one of my wheels. No doubt causing a slew of axel and wheel bearing… brakes issues. Frack.

While the other driver and I were exchanging our information the police pulled up and did the whole accident report for our insurance.

I was beyond irritated at this point. Forgetting to let my employer know I wasn’t going to be in today I had an incoming call from them. Thankfully they weren’t all “Get in when you can” or I would have had a fit. accident tow

Tow Truck Please

So once we froze ourselves going over the details for what seemed like a million times the officer gave us a number for a tow truck company near us. He said that they are the best and he highly recommends them, good reviews too!

I was in a mood, hangry and very oppositional at the moment so I decided I would just google the tow truck service and choose a different one. Probably just a kick back company the police refer.

Turns out… I was completely wrong. Within 15 mins the other car had been towed away…

I was still waiting for a call back as to how long I was going to be waiting for a driver to notify me when they could be to my location. I finished my breakfast sandwich, cold, no longer juicy and no longer filled with happiness.

Fed up I decided I would call the recommended towing service in Burlington. Food had cleared my mind and given me a new perspective… Maybe everyone wasn’t out to get me today and this was really an actual olive branch.tow truck service

Towing In Style

Kid you not… the same tow truck arrived 15 mins after my phone call. I was still waiting to hear back from the other company… Still! I felt like I could have had half my life pass by waiting for that call.

The tow truck driver was super bubbly and instantly brought up my spirits. He had me gather anything needed from the SUV and asked what dealership I was hoping to be dropped off to. Quick and to the point! I loved it. He even gave me the ride to the car dealership. And wasn’t so shady that I would have rather called an Uber.

While on my journey with the tow truck driver he told me how he is constantly towing in our Oakville/Burlington and Hamilton area. Crazy that some of the areas are literally prone to accidents yet are never looked at for tweaking. Like the Niagara/Hamilton exits. That was when my phone rang, the other tow truck company. I quickly answered explaining how poorly the company was running. That I was already towed and on my way from a company that earned and deserves my full 5 star review!oakville towing

Oakville Towing

The dealership I was taken to is my usual Oakville Honda. Thankfully the car rental is right across the street, the tow truck driver saved me the cost of an Uber today. I was pretty grateful for that.

While I was explaining my situation to the dealership, they mentioned that they love working with the towing service from Burlington I used. That they always take great care of the vehicles that they tow and are so cautious of the anchors they use. Apparently some give zero bleeps and end up causing more damage to a damaged vehicle. That gave me even more twinkles in my toes about using them.

I spent my time waiting for the rental car to receive my insurance coverings leaving a review for the towing company. I don’t normally feel an urge to do this in a positive manner, usually just to warn people of the miserable service haha.

I was pleasantly surprised when I was looking through other reviews. So many amazing tales of how others were towed and taken care of quickly and cautiously. One even mentioned how great they were with their kids car seats needing to be removed and he gladly helped the single mother out. (yes, car seats are not useable after an accident… This was just a car engine light situation)

Towing Serving Company Details

  • JKM Towing
  • 1231 King Rd, Burlington, ON L7R 3X5
  • (905) 638-2400