New Dental Dreams in Norfolk County

I know I am not alone with the irrational fear of the dentist. I can’t quite pin down what exactly causes my anxiety about a quick dental cleaning, but I know when the fear left… When my family and I switched over to a new dentist in our home town of Simcoe, Ontario. Great reviews and referrals made our decision to jump ship from our decade long relationship with our previous dentist, easy. dental work

Trusting Your Dentist in Norfolk County

Trust is a huge key to a great relationship. Whether we are talking about a spouse, significant other or even your dentist. Your mouth is the gateway to your gut microbiome and blood brain barrier. You need to have a balance clean mouth to keep your internal eco system in balance.

My family had numerous appointments with our previous dentist that had me feeling quite uneasy about taking us back for another visit. To start off, they filled my children’s fillings with mercury… YES, mercury! Silver fillings that aren’t supposed to be used anymore due to mercury vapour poisoning. Every time you chew, grind your teeth, drink a hot drink or eat soup you are inhaling and ingesting mercury.

Another sign we needed to switch was that we all had uneven bites after receiving fillings. This lead to TMJ issues that after years of chiropractics still are causing vertigo and migraines. A great dentist should be able to correct an uneven bite due to their workmanship.

The last straw with our old dentist was when I asked for my 2 silver fillings to be replaced with a white composite set. I was of course nervous to be exposing myself to a high concentration of mercury and had googled all the precautions that dentist are to take when removing and replacing amalgam fillings. 

When I had arrived to the dentist they froze my mouth then I waiting. I was expecting to have a dam over my mouth with filter systems and charcoal to swish after.. Nope. Not a single precaution to be had. I wasn’t fully frozen so I had to be refrozen and wait. When I went to the mirror to see what had been done so far I found mercury sprayed all over my face and in my eyes. My shirt was smeared with a chunk. That was when I decided I was never going back. simcoe dentist

New Dentist Near Port Dover

Once I had asked some friends about who they used as a family dentist that was in Simcoe and also close to Port Dover, I made my decision. We were going to try our local dentist with the most positive reviews, Donly Dental. An added bonus, right on their website they state that they remove mercury fillings with all the precautions our old dentist should have done. Just that piece of information gave me enough comfort with just walking into the business knowing I wasn’t going to be inhaling mercury from other peoples dental work appointments.

The staff at our new dentist, Donly Dental, are very polite and cheerful. The warm welcome and overall vibe of not being a nuisance was new to me. Usually we felt like we were interrupting gossip time behind the desk. Not at this place, purely professional.

The waiting room was pretty bland and nothing splashy. At first I was thrown by the lack of stimulation that naturally is thrown in your face when at doctor establishments.

The hygienist took me into the room and asked everything about my mouth and health. It was relieving telling her all of the insecurities I was having with my teeth and jaw from my previous dentist. She assured me that she will give my mouth a thorough look and make sure that everything lined up and wasn’t off. toothbrushes

Dental Cleaning Close to Delhi, Ontario

As the cleaning process started I was shocked. I had never had a hygienist do a mouth cancer screen with what felt like a mouth massage. Already I was impressed with the extra lengths of care this new dentist that is close to Delhi, was showing me, and this is just their regular routine.

The x-rays were swift and painless. This dentist uses digital x-rays to save their patients from radiation exposure. So great! I didn’t even know that it was an option for dentists to offer.

My cleaning was definitely a lengthy process. Because it was my first visit they did many little tests on my jaw and inspected my gums to assure a nice bite with healthy tissues. Another routine for the new dentist that I had never received from my previous one.

The dentist came in after the cleaning and inspection had finished. He gave me a rundown of everything he seen in the digital x-rays they took earlier. It was my first time getting to sit and be taught what is happening in my mouth. I was told about everything I was doing right and other things I could work on to prevent future issues. dentist

Understanding Dental Health in Simcoe, Ontario

A super cool side note to the first trip to our new family dentist, they were very welcoming to  my family using natural and fluoride free products.  Mainstream doctors and dentists usually snub their noses up when I mention natural options and that we use them. God bless you, Donly Dental.

When I mentioned my sensitive tooth along my gum line the first mentioned a typical questionable ingredient toothpaste. The hygienist researched a brand that had a natural toothpaste option for me to use. I respect that office tremendously for their open minds and welcoming attitude.

For my children they made them feel super comfortable with a tv in the room and cool shades to dim the lights. They went through the same type of appointment that I went through and had nothing but positive feedback about their “spa” appointment.

If I could give you any type of advice it would be to never settle. Your health is yours alone, leaving someone you don’t trust in charge of your future teeth can only lead to more issues long term. So make the switch and never look back.

Dentist Contact Details

  • Donly Dental
  • 65 Donly Dr N Unit 1, Simcoe, ON N3Y 0C2
  • (519) 428-2222