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Milton and Oakville Ceiling Repair & Stucco Removal

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Homeowners in the southern area of the GTA like Milton and Oakville would be hard pressed to find a local ceiling repair contractor who cares more about trust and a job well done than Smooth Ceiling.

Smooth Ceiling has decades of combined work experience in the ceiling repair contracting industry, and have had the pleasure of helping more than a handful of Milton area residents as well as Oakville homeowners.

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Professional Trust in Milton with Smooth Ceiling

What makes Smooth Ceiling so good at what they do is how they inspire trust with their projects. When several clients in Milton start taking notice and telling their friends about a successful ceiling repair job, it certainly doesn’t take long for the word to spread.

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The trust factor comes from experience, and the experience comes from learning how to fix ceilings, remove stucco, and remove popcorn ceiling.

Not just doing the jobs themselves, but doing them in a timely manner that also leaves a home in Milton spotless, and rejuvenated as if no one had ever been there, but all of a sudden, the ceilings are smooth, and the residents are happy.

What Exactly is a Smooth Ceiling?

A smooth ceiling is what you get when you remove the popcorn ceiling or plaster bits that are in a lot of homes in the Oakville and Milton area.

Because so many homes were built in the 80’s and early 90’s (and many in the period leading up to this) popcorn ceiling (or textured ceiling) was the bee’s knees in terms of ceiling finishing style.

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Why Choose Popcorn Ceiling, Eww

Ceiling contractors and home builders alike opted for this inexpensive approach as it was both cost effective, and quick. It also allowed a little bit of breathing room for these Milton area homes. (A history of popcorn ceiling…)

The stucco or plaster, had this natural ‘sloppiness’ that allowed for quick application to the ceiling, followed by quick trying time, and less wasted manpower on sanding and smoothing the ceilings afterward.

The Milton Ceiling Difference

For a company like Smooth Ceiling, travelling to Milton is all part of a day’s work. In this great GTA, hopping on to the 403 or QEW is nothing new, so a few minutes down the road to pass through Oakville and Milton in order to get to the job site is nothing to blink at.

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That’s why it comes as no surprise that Oakville AND Milton are part of the expansion for this ceiling repair and popcorn removal company.

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Other Downfalls of Popcorn Ceiling

Nowadays, homes are designed typically to be bright, open, and efficient. In the previous decades, however, there wasn’t as much awareness to what every other contractor in the universe was doing. This made it harder to know what was the most effective strategies for each element of the home.

For example, ceilings, you can see so many different variations in the style of stucco or plaster ceiling design that you’d wonder what type of rule book they were working from.

In today’s world, you have everyone referring to the same web pages and information, as well as research as to the more effective ways to handle a task.

This is part of the reason why features such as popcorn ceiling have become a predominant reason for doing any type of ceiling repair in Oakville or Milton.

It’s not just about style, the pitfalls come in the way of decreased lighting in the home. The divots and valleys in the ceiling reduce the flow of the light. This can make the room appear much darker and drearier than it could be if the ceiling were fixed, and the stucco removed.


Is There Asbestos in the Ceiling

Because ceilings that are a couple decades old have textured finishes, this is also a potential indicator that there could be asbestos in the ceiling, above the drywall / plaster.

More about asbestos here

This is a big no no, and could be cause of health problems in your family. Hopefully not! But it’s definitely worth a call to find out if there is any asbestos creeping in your Milton or Oakville family’s home.

Smooth Ceiling is ready to investigate if it means making another local family healthy, happy and smooth.

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To summarize, Smooth Ceiling is a ceiling repair contractor that covers the GTA for various types of stucco, drywall, and ceiling fixing jobs. If you have found yourself in need of some type of repair in this area, and you are located in Milton, Ontario or Oakville, Ontario, they would be delighted to offer their tremendous services to you.

All it takes is one phone call, click or email.

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