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Simcoe’s Best Landscaping Supplies

Looking outside, it would seem like this winter is NEVER going to end. It’s hard to envision that spring is right around the corner, and soon we’ll be able to get back into touching up our gardens, and our exterior landscaping.

I can’t wait for the frost to be gone. The endurance of the winters here in Norfolk County is enough to make me consider moving south. I hear Florida is still looking pretty good right about now. (Have you ever been?)

It’s been ages since I’ve been able to work on my landscaping. I generally love to get outside in the sunlight, and get my hands and knees dirty. There’s something incredible peaceful about gardening and working on my landscaping.

This coming spring, I have some big plans, and am hoping to intensify my vision of a grand back yard…

gardening in simcoe

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The Master Landscaping Plan: My Home, My Backyard

I live just outside of Simcoe, on one of the non-important concessions. Thankfully I have a decent amount of land, which gives me something to play with when planning my gardening and landscaping. So long as I have an excellent landscaping supplies dealer in Simcoe, I should be okay to keep the stone, soil, & mulch coming until the cows come home (they are coming home, right?).

Looking out at my backyard, and can see I’m going to want to get some big landscape rocks. You know the big ones that can be used as a retaining wall? I like the looks of those, as they seem really sturdy, stable, and stack-able. I’m thinking about creation levels using these landscaping stones.

wall stone landscape rocks

On the high side I’ll likely need tons of topsoil or triple mix soil to fill to the top… Though not quite sure what to do for the incline area. Steps maybe? Or a stone trail, and have it swirl upward? Once I get the landscaping stones in, I’ll be able to better judge how it will all fit together.

Maybe I’ll just use the stones to make Stonehenge? Sounds amazing!

Needing Topsoil or Triple Mix Soil in Simcoe

I’d like to consider my options when thinking about where I am going to get my topsoil. I realize there’s plenty of options in Simcoe, and that’s just fine. Even for a small area, it’s remarkable how much of a market there must be for all of these Simcoe landscaping supplies. From one end of town to the other, you can conceivably drive by 3 or 4 locations to purchase landscaping stuff.

Harold Pepper & Sons Landscaping Supplies

grass steps awesome

I’ve found the better prices and better service comes from Harold Pepper and Sons ltd. They operate a landscaping supplies operation just south of Simcoe, on HWY 6, just on the way to Port Dover.

Pepper Landscaping in Simcoe was able to provide me with a host of products, perfect for the garden and landscape projects I had in mind:

  • Landscaping rocks
  • Topsoil and triple mix soil
  • Stone – crushed and whole (good to have a choice)
  • Mulch (I prefer the red cedar, and the black stuff myself)

Pepper Landscape Supplies Simcoe

Their yard is fantastic (feels more open than most), and the staff really know their stuff! I talked to a fellow who has been in the business for several years, and was delighted that he could offer me very specific advice on how I should proceed with my landscaping options.

I Needed Topsoil in Simcoe, Ontario

I needed the top soil that I mentioned earlier, but also some mulch for around my property border trees. I also wanted some crushed gravel to add a bit of a ‘shore’ to my pond.

Why is landscaping so important? Here’s an interesting read with lots of reasons why you should take good care of your property:

It’s all simple stuff, really. But in Simcoe, it doesn’t take a whole heck of a lot to stand out. Having the right help like Pepper Landscaping Supplies sure helps makes it easier to look like I know what I’m doing with my land.

I’m glad I stumbled upon them while taking my daughter to work in Port Dover. Good find!

Where to Find Simcoe Landscaping Supplies:

If you’re in the same stage as I was, and are both a) hating winter and b) Needing to find some stuff for landscaping, check out Pepper and Sons. It’s hard to dispute the authority and knowledge of a company that has been in the transportation, agriculture, and landscaping business since the 1940’s.

Learn more about landscaping from Wikipedia, they’re so very smart on these things 🙂


A family business that has successfully transcended generation, and is based right here in Norfolk County. I’m impressed, and think I found a new watering hole for all of my mulch, stone, soil, and landscape supply needs. I love finding a new place!

Harold Pepper & Sons Ltd.
Pepper Landscape Supplies
151 HWY 6
Simcoe, ON N3Y 4K2

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