3 Quick Ways to Make Your Apple Watch Battery Last Ridiculously Long

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Notoriously Short Apple Watch Battery Life Solutions

You’re excited. You received your new Apple Watch for Christmas, or your birthday – Or – You just went out and treated yourself. Super!

Now after a few honeymoon days of playing with the buttons and gizmos, you’re really starting to see how it performs under normal usage. For me, I found that it was barely able to get a full days worth of nominal usage. By nominal, I’m referring to just checking the time or checking notifications when the arrive. Nothing extreme, and nothing ‘fitness’ related (More on those features another time!).

The Greatness of Tweaking Settings

There’s always ways to squeeze more juice out of any electronic. There’s often default settings enabled that lead to excess drain. The Apple Watch is no different. Hand-off and Background Refresh are among the top offenders for shadowy governance of your lithium lifeline. I’m hoping to detail the optimum settings in order to help you get more BANG for your charge. My Apple Watch is now lasting almost 3 days per charge. That’s a solid leap over the initial period of less than 1 day.

Apple Watch Battery Tweak 1

Screen Wake Timeout

Go to Settings >> General >> Wake Screen
In here, you can scroll to the bottom and be sure that when your screen ‘wakes on tap’ that it only stays on for 15 seconds. It’s unthinkable to need the watch screen to stay awake for 70 seconds (the other option), so be sure to pick the lesser evil.

Some folks have also suggested turning OFF the raise to wake feature. I however couldn’t live without it. It’s incredibly convenient. However, if you’re on a trip, for example, and require ultimate efficiency of your Apple Watches battery, you may wish to disable this.

Apple Watch Battery Tweak 2

Screen Brightness Adjustment

Go to Settings >> Brightness & Text Size
This will be a no brainer once you’re in this area of the settings. Simply lower the brightness levels to the lowest setting. I’ve NEVER had a time where I thought “Man, my Apple Watch’s screen is too dim”. For all the buzz about the superior luminescence of the Apple Watch, I can’t see the need. I’m not trying to use it as a torch to navigate a cavernous dungeon. I’m just checking the time.

Lower the brightness as far as it will go. You’ll likely never realize the difference beyond the first day. It will just be normal. And that is just fine.

Apple Watch Battery Tweak 3

Background App Refresh Reduction

For this tweak, you’ll have to manage the settings from the Apple Watch app on your phone…

Go to Apple Watch >> General >> Background App Refresh

Now for this area, you can make some huge gains. Though keep in mind which aspects/features of the watch you’re actually using. You may want to turn almost all of the switches for background app refresh off, or you may want to be more selective.

I keep on the Activity, Messages, Phone, and Alarms settings, as well as some of the Heart Rate related switches. That’s just me, choose what suits you!

Apple Watch Battery Summary

Try these first 3 tweaks for your Apple Watch then let me know if you noticed any improvement. This is what I would consider nominal steps to take which don’t noticeably impact performance. By the looks of it, there’s still a few more extended options your could tweak to get some further extra lithium life from your watch…

Overdrive Battery Savings for Apple Watch

  • Fully Turn off background app refresh (from Phone app)
  • Disable heart rate tracking during exercise (from Phone app)
  • Turn off hand off

Apple Watch

Dan K. @feefyou